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I can't take my dog for a walk

I have a 1 year old male beaglier (beagle x cavalier) who cannot be walked. When we take him for walks he gets anxious and yelps uncontrollably. If he sees a dog on these walks he gets even worse, barking, yelping and frantically pulling for the remainder of the walk.

After the training session with Aaron

For over a year now I had been unable to walk my dog without him howling and hysterically whining. One session with Aaron and my dog was walking in public parks with no issues. Really great service all round. Aaron was exceptional, giving us helpful instructions and tips on what dog products would help with our issue. Tamie's communication via phone and email provided us with information about their services and made it very easy to organise our sessions. Plus as an added bonus the pricing was very reasonable. Highly recommend Balanced Pack if you're looking for dog training or doggy day care!

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