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Dog Behavioural Training & Doggy Daycare


Welcome to Balanced Pack! We are dedicated to providing exceptional care and training for your furry friends. Our family-run business is passionate about creating a safe and stimulating environment for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Whether you're looking for pet minding or specialised training, we've got you covered. Join us and give your dog the balanced pack experience they deserve.




At Balanced Pack, our unwavering commitment revolves around expertly guiding your canine companion on the journey to acquiring impeccable manners and overcoming any undesirable behaviours. Within our behavioural dog training services, our approach is dedicated to not only fostering good behaviour but also empowering you with the tools to exercise enhanced control over your cherished canine companion.

Furthermore, we extend an invitation for your furry friend to join our curated pack of dogs in a closely supervised environment at our doggy daycare facility. The well-being and positive experience of your dog are our paramount concerns, and our dedicated dog trainers ensure attentive care during their time with us.


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Safe environment

Balanced Pack provides a platform for dogs to experience positive socialisation in a managed and loving environment. We recommend a meet and greet beforehand.


Dog in the Park

Responsible & Reliable

We are here to assist all dog owners with any specific requirements they may have on a 1:1 basis.


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The Best for Your Dog

Don’t feel guilty about leaving your pet alone. Our overnight services gives your dog maximum care, even when you can’t be there. We are kennel free environment.

Dog Walker at the Park


My entire family absolutely loved Aaron. He is a truly gifted animal whisperer!  He taught us so much about our new German Shepherd's behaviour and really helped us with the fundamentals of training our pup.  Aaron went above and beyond. There's no other dog trainer I would consider above Aaron and his expertise.  Don't hesitate booking it is money very well spent!

Rachel from Oatlands


Please get in touch if we seem like the right Dog Sitter or Dog Trainer for you and your pet. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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